Bumper Plates

A set of bumper plates filled with heavy color in bumper plate weight will be a pleasure when you go to the gym. Those bumper plates inspire you to lift more weight.

Experienced bodybuilders make more use of bumper plates. Bumper plates are also made of cast iron. But enough attention is paid to the accuracy of its roundness. It is surrounded by a thick layer of rubber.

Do not compare bumper plates with free-weight plates as bumper plates are heavier. Bumper plates are used for weightlifting in the Olympics. He is a good partner even if he is heavy weight.

Demand for bumper plates has increased significantly in recent times. And the demand for bumper plates is not going to go down anytime soon. It will stay in shape for years to come.

We welcome new bodybuilders to use the bumper plate. We have a bumper plate set available in different colors and weights.

Available Series: 5|10|15|20|25 (KGS/LBS)